My Make-Up Staples…

Every woman will have beauty products they cannot live without, and being of the womankind I too have a few staples I rely on.


1. Foundation

That’s right, this baby complexion is not natural! I like other mere mortals wear foundation, in fact, until recently I had awful skin and only this made me presentable to the outside world.

I have tried quite a few brands and types and have found that Rimmel’s lasting finish 25 hour foundation is the one for me.

The texture is thick yet light on the skin, it blends really easily and pretty much lasts all day, and at £7.99 it hardly breaks the bank.

My shade is ivory.


2. Powder

Powder seems to be magic dust, it sets your foundation and just gives your face make up the finish it needed.

I tend to stick to the same brand as my foundation, something in my head believes they work better together but who knows, usually I have Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent.

BUT last time I did my make up haul they were out and, being a staple, I could not wait so at the moment I have Maybelline Matte Maker Powder, which is okay, but it isn’t quite right, I guess I am just set in my ways!

Both are £3.99


3. Blush

A touch of rouge can  bring even the most gaunt to life, or in case show some definition (round face syndrome).

I have found that many blushes are too heavy, they go on too strong no matter how light the touch.

That was until I found Bourjois, Bourjois’ Little Round Pot Blush is perfect, it even comes with a little brush, I prefer to use a proper blusher brush though as it can come out a bit uneven with the little brush.

My shade is Rose Frisson.



4. Mascara

This is one product that can instantly change to look of someone, taking my sleep deprived tired eyes and turning them into ‘whaddaya know, I am awake’.

I don’t stick to one type of mascara, always tempted to try the new ones in order to get those long luscious lashes, which has yet to be achieved. I am currently using Scandaleyes: Retro Glam by Rimmel, just because retro was in the name, but to be honest I am not a fan. The best I have tried has been Rocket Volum’ Express  by Maybelline, so if I had to go back to one type, it would be that one.


5. Kohl Eye Liner

Kohl eyeliner isn’t just for Goths and Emos, these little pencils are very versatile and can create a range of different looks. I prefer to use it from the outer v to about half way across my waterline. This opens my eyes up and adds edgy definition, it is usual to use it the whole way across your waterline but this just makes my eyes look tired. On occasion i use it on my eye lids but this is only when I cannot bear the stress of liquid liner lines or when I am in a rush. I currently use Rimmel’s Soft Kohl pencil but this is only because it is cheap, I am sure there are better ones out there but this does what it is told.


Rimmel Eye Pencil2

6. Lipstick

And lastly a good lippy. Marilyn Monroe’s lippy was recently voted as the most iconic beauty trend of all time and Dita Von Teese swears by having a good lipstick on hand. I couldn’t agree more. Being 5’1” and looking pretty young, I feel that a touch of rouge on the lips takes me from looking like a tired 12-year-old to looking like a somewhat glamorous 22 year old undisclosed age. My lipstick of choice is Rimmels Superstay 24hr, it kind of does what it says to be honest, despite being quite anal about taking my make up off at night I have definitely woken up with some red left on my lips the next morning. The wand makes it easy to accurately apply, without the need of carrying around a lip brush.

The only criticism I have is that it does not mix well with food and drink, so take it as, 24 hours IF you do not drink or eat, but if you are in fact human you will probably have to re-apply.

My preferred shade is Cherry Pie, but this has been hard to get hold of so I have been sporting the Red Passion shade, which is lighter but still as glam!


What make-up can’t you live without?


The Chop


I have been growing my hair for about a year after having it cut into a short bob… Well, I got bored of my raggedy hair once again and have gone for the chop.


Hannah Pixie Snowdon

My main style idol is Hannah Pixie Snowdon and my favourite look of hers was when she had her bob. I ummed and ahhed over the decision a bit until I thought, what the heck, hair grows right!

The up-keep is slightly more of a hassle than when my hair was longer, probably because I didn’t do anything with my hair before, but to be honest it is worth it, it looks a lot neater, more stylish and healthier.

My hair was cut by the lovely Lisa at Matthew Luke’s in Biggleswade and she did a fantastic job! Everybody loves it, I mean, no one has said I look like Hannah yet, but I guess Lisa is a hair dresser not a miracle worker!

c. 1925: Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

I have had a lot of people compare my new look to that of 1920’s film star Louise Brooks, and although it wasn’t my desired look, I’ll definitely take it.

I have a photo shoot with the wonderful Amy Zarah soon so hopefully I will have some awesome shots to share with you, may try and rope in the fiance as well, which will be difficult as he thinks couple shoots are tacky.

BUT he has a face made for the camera, look he makes an awesome model!


Obviously the one on the left

Puppy Love


So, Tom and I moved into our new place on April 30th. The house although only slightly bigger than our old flat allows pets (a rarity in the renting world).

Both of us are major puppy people (thankfully), so obviously we leapt at the opportunity to live in a place that allowed us to have a dog, and by leapt I mean we brought home a puppy 2 days after moving in.

We had toyed with the idea of several breeds: French Bulldog, Pug, Puggle but eventually landed on Beagleand for reasons I have forgotten now we decided to get a male pup.

We viewed a litter of Beagles when they were just 5 weeks old (SQUEEEE) and we were immediately taken by the ‘black sheep’ of the group.

A tiny male pup that was predominantly black in colour, his brothers and sisters were either lemon or more traditionally tri-coloured. Yep, he was ours and he was going to be called Archie! (aka buba, Archie bug, pup, douche bag etc.)

He is now 11 weeks old, and boy has he made his presence known!

Archie seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on, he has two sides to him, the lovely, intelligent and cuddly side and the mischievous, disobedient and evil side, the latter making more of an appearance than we would like.

We have come across issues we didn’t even think of, for example his  food, did you know there are E numbers in Pedigree and Bakers?? Why would you put E numbers in dog food?! Safe to say we have now switched to a natural dog food brand, we don’t need him being any more hyper than he already is! But he goes for his first walk tomorrow, so hopefully the increased exercise will calm him down a little.

It has been a stressful 3 weeks and we know the light is a long way down the end of the tunnel but both Tom and I love him to bits and willing are to deal with his bad moments because his good moments are the best!


Wedding Décor Day Dreamer



I used to think I wanted a massive stately home for my wedding, Prestwold Hall in particular. I think this can be attributed to my former love of Jane Austen and period dramas, what girl hasn’t wanted to be the Lady of Pemberley at some point in her life?

That or Wollaton Hall a.k.a Wayne Manor… Girls can want to be Batman too you know.

These thoughts, however, were formulated at a time before I was introduced to the wonderful world Pinterest, plus the décor in stately homes isn’t much to be desired, by me anyway.

So Pinterest became my obsession, so many colourful, unique and beautiful decoration ideas for both the ceremony and the reception venue. If anything, there is too much, it hasn’t been helping me narrow down any specifics, I want it all!

Being the wedding nut I am I already had a dream wedding board on Pinterest, looking longingly at the shinies and the pretties, pinning all the wacky and wonderful ideas to view at my leisure. But now that I am engaged, it is time to start formulating some sort of master design from what is essentially a mess of colours, textures, venues and more.

The first thing I thought about was a colour scheme.

Red or Orange or Yellow or Green or Blue or Indigo or Violet… Wedding colour schemes are a nightmare!

I look good in red, not a narcissist… I have dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin (basically a vampire with a heartbeat) therefore after black, the second colour I tend to go for is red.

The issue with red is that it is traditionally a winter colour, and even though 90% of the time I come across as a closet Goth I actually prefer the bright and colourful summer weddings.

So instead of sacrificing red my first mission was to find a spring/ summer wedding colour palette that included red.

Red and white was a popular result but still reminded me of winter and Christmas, when I was almost at the point of giving up I found aqua/ turquoise and red, PERFECT!

These colours scream vintage and were bright and fun, exactly what I wanted. So now I have something to aim for and already have masses of ideas.

ar wedding

I particularly love all things tissue paper. I don’t know if it is the DIY appeal that is drawing me to these paper creations or the fact that they look so delicate and pretty whilst having that vintage feel. Paper lanterns, paper pom poms and paper flowers are dominating the decor ideas but having all three is too much… Right??

With two years to go I have a while to think about it; I would love to hear any suggestions though!


The Engagement Story


Me and my wedding finger bling

It happened! On March 8th I became a fiancé and gained one myself. I may as well tell you our little love story, the abridged version anyway.

Once Upon A Time…

crayonTom and I met online in March 2012, not through online dating but through a mutual friend on Facebook. After a little cyber flirting he asked if he could take me out on a date. Excitedly and a little flustered I said yes.

Tom lived in Bedfordshire and at the time I lived in Leicestershire, but being a gentleman he insisted in coming up to Leicester to take me out.

It is very cheesy and cliché to say that it was love at first sight, but on this occasion it genuinely was. I stood on the train platform waiting for him to arrive and as people started to get off I caught a glimpse, safe to say my jaw dropped. He was definitely the most beautiful man I had laid eyes on in real life, which suddenly made me feel a little inferior if i’m honest.

Anyway apparently the feeling was mutual and from then on I was hooked.

Our relationship was a little to-and-fro while I was finishing my studies in Leicester and he was in Bedfordshire, so we took it in turns to visit one another.

It wasn’t long until we decided that moving in together would be a good idea, being the non-traditionalists we are.

We both knew this couldn’t happen until I had finished my degree and work experience placement anyway, which was in July 2013; so it gave us a chance to hoard house items and save a little money so it wasn’t all bad.

We moved into a new build two bedroom flat in Bedfordshire, which we soon made our home.

Fast forward to March 2014

Tom and I were in Brighton for a little getaway and the weather couldn’t have been better, we were so lucky, the sun was shining all weekend and it was actually warm, I even got down to a vest… in MARCH!

So, it was the second night and we had planned to go to a fancy restaurant, I started to get dolled up, put on a massive circle dress and just as we were about to leave the hotel I asked if he thought I should wear my gloves, my back turned to him at this point, he simply replied ‘you could wear this’… I turned and saw him there, down on one knee a little red leather box in hand with the most beautiful engagement ring poking out.

I went into a slight state of shock and couldn’t stop saying ‘oh my gosh’ but of course I also said yes.

So now I am a bride-to-be with a B-E-A –UTIFUL ruby halo engagement ring, already planning what will be one of the most magical days of my life and documenting it all here!

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