The Engagement Story


Me and my wedding finger bling

It happened! On March 8th I became a fiancé and gained one myself. I may as well tell you our little love story, the abridged version anyway.

Once Upon A Time…

crayonTom and I met online in March 2012, not through online dating but through a mutual friend on Facebook. After a little cyber flirting he asked if he could take me out on a date. Excitedly and a little flustered I said yes.

Tom lived in Bedfordshire and at the time I lived in Leicestershire, but being a gentleman he insisted in coming up to Leicester to take me out.

It is very cheesy and cliché to say that it was love at first sight, but on this occasion it genuinely was. I stood on the train platform waiting for him to arrive and as people started to get off I caught a glimpse, safe to say my jaw dropped. He was definitely the most beautiful man I had laid eyes on in real life, which suddenly made me feel a little inferior if i’m honest.

Anyway apparently the feeling was mutual and from then on I was hooked.

Our relationship was a little to-and-fro while I was finishing my studies in Leicester and he was in Bedfordshire, so we took it in turns to visit one another.

It wasn’t long until we decided that moving in together would be a good idea, being the non-traditionalists we are.

We both knew this couldn’t happen until I had finished my degree and work experience placement anyway, which was in July 2013; so it gave us a chance to hoard house items and save a little money so it wasn’t all bad.

We moved into a new build two bedroom flat in Bedfordshire, which we soon made our home.

Fast forward to March 2014

Tom and I were in Brighton for a little getaway and the weather couldn’t have been better, we were so lucky, the sun was shining all weekend and it was actually warm, I even got down to a vest… in MARCH!

So, it was the second night and we had planned to go to a fancy restaurant, I started to get dolled up, put on a massive circle dress and just as we were about to leave the hotel I asked if he thought I should wear my gloves, my back turned to him at this point, he simply replied ‘you could wear this’… I turned and saw him there, down on one knee a little red leather box in hand with the most beautiful engagement ring poking out.

I went into a slight state of shock and couldn’t stop saying ‘oh my gosh’ but of course I also said yes.

So now I am a bride-to-be with a B-E-A –UTIFUL ruby halo engagement ring, already planning what will be one of the most magical days of my life and documenting it all here!

 323202_10151005911833567_1906000169_o 398817_10150944161268567_828219406_n 601031_570631952968091_1909474405_n


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