Wedding Décor Day Dreamer



I used to think I wanted a massive stately home for my wedding, Prestwold Hall in particular. I think this can be attributed to my former love of Jane Austen and period dramas, what girl hasn’t wanted to be the Lady of Pemberley at some point in her life?

That or Wollaton Hall a.k.a Wayne Manor… Girls can want to be Batman too you know.

These thoughts, however, were formulated at a time before I was introduced to the wonderful world Pinterest, plus the décor in stately homes isn’t much to be desired, by me anyway.

So Pinterest became my obsession, so many colourful, unique and beautiful decoration ideas for both the ceremony and the reception venue. If anything, there is too much, it hasn’t been helping me narrow down any specifics, I want it all!

Being the wedding nut I am I already had a dream wedding board on Pinterest, looking longingly at the shinies and the pretties, pinning all the wacky and wonderful ideas to view at my leisure. But now that I am engaged, it is time to start formulating some sort of master design from what is essentially a mess of colours, textures, venues and more.

The first thing I thought about was a colour scheme.

Red or Orange or Yellow or Green or Blue or Indigo or Violet… Wedding colour schemes are a nightmare!

I look good in red, not a narcissist… I have dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin (basically a vampire with a heartbeat) therefore after black, the second colour I tend to go for is red.

The issue with red is that it is traditionally a winter colour, and even though 90% of the time I come across as a closet Goth I actually prefer the bright and colourful summer weddings.

So instead of sacrificing red my first mission was to find a spring/ summer wedding colour palette that included red.

Red and white was a popular result but still reminded me of winter and Christmas, when I was almost at the point of giving up I found aqua/ turquoise and red, PERFECT!

These colours scream vintage and were bright and fun, exactly what I wanted. So now I have something to aim for and already have masses of ideas.

ar wedding

I particularly love all things tissue paper. I don’t know if it is the DIY appeal that is drawing me to these paper creations or the fact that they look so delicate and pretty whilst having that vintage feel. Paper lanterns, paper pom poms and paper flowers are dominating the decor ideas but having all three is too much… Right??

With two years to go I have a while to think about it; I would love to hear any suggestions though!



One thought on “Wedding Décor Day Dreamer

  1. I love your color choices! I’m also planning a wedding but so far all I’ve done is narrow down colors I hate and styles I can’t stand, not done anything constructive yet.

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