The Chop


I have been growing my hair for about a year after having it cut into a short bob… Well, I got bored of my raggedy hair once again and have gone for the chop.


Hannah Pixie Snowdon

My main style idol is Hannah Pixie Snowdon and my favourite look of hers was when she had her bob. I ummed and ahhed over the decision a bit until I thought, what the heck, hair grows right!

The up-keep is slightly more of a hassle than when my hair was longer, probably because I didn’t do anything with my hair before, but to be honest it is worth it, it looks a lot neater, more stylish and healthier.

My hair was cut by the lovely Lisa at Matthew Luke’s in Biggleswade and she did a fantastic job! Everybody loves it, I mean, no one has said I look like Hannah yet, but I guess Lisa is a hair dresser not a miracle worker!

c. 1925: Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

I have had a lot of people compare my new look to that of 1920’s film star Louise Brooks, and although it wasn’t my desired look, I’ll definitely take it.

I have a photo shoot with the wonderful Amy Zarah soon so hopefully I will have some awesome shots to share with you, may try and rope in the fiance as well, which will be difficult as he thinks couple shoots are tacky.

BUT he has a face made for the camera, look he makes an awesome model!


Obviously the one on the left


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