About Little Ol’ Me

1505102_251454538377077_4921635492670983932_nHi, I’m Gemma…

I stand at just slightyl over 5’1” which I guess makes me pocket-sized or pint-sized.

I love me a bit of fashion and beauty, my icons are Hannah Pixie Snowdon when dressing down and Dita Von Teese when glamming up. I am not a label whore, high street is fine by me (and my bank balance), although if someone wanted to offer me some Vienne Westwood or Moshino who am I to say no?!

I recently got engaged to a gorgeous, tattooed, bearded drummer named Tom and we now have a Beagle puppy together called Archie, who likes to cause a lot bit of trouble.

You could say I am a bit of a wedding nut, I don’t know if it is the romance, the sparkles or the atmosphere but I just simply adore the whole big shibang!

I also eat… and love it, although I have now given up wheat which makes eating a little less enjoyable, but we will see how it goes!

Enjoy my mess of a blog filled with pretty much everything that goes on inside my head.

If you want to contact me please email: girlwiththerubyringblog@gmail.com or through the contact form below.



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